Short Bros Homes

Biomass Fuel

To meet increasing demand in the biomass fuel market, in early 2017 we installed and commissioned a 4 Megawatt biomass woodchip drying facility at one of our industrial sites in South Wales, with the aim of supplying high quality virgin woodchip, dried to customer requirements.

Our expanding customer base is diverse, and includes a number of hospitals, educational facilities and the Senedd – the home of the National Assembly of Wales. These establishments have a high demand for heat and the quality and continuity of the fuel we provide ensures that this demand is met seamlessly, efficiently and cost effectively. The consistency of our fuel supply is achieved in a number of ways, for example we store a significant amount of buffer stock to meet peak demand during inclement weather and we also source the raw material from a number of suppliers – this provides continuity should certain areas of woodland prove inaccessible during the Winter months.

From our own experience and conversations with our customers and suppliers, the quality of woodchip is key to the performance of a boiler, even more so when the boilers’ heat is being used in a system which cannot afford lengthy, costly and frequent downtime. Several of our customers experienced a steep learning curve when first entering the market to purchase woodchip for their boilers, with many of them first trialling recycled wood. This almost always led to frequent and often severe breakdowns, eventually costing more than if there were to purchase high quality and clean virgin woodchip from the offset.